Meet April

Meet April

I moved from Florida to San Francisco, CA straight out of college for an unpaid internship. I joined the music business and startup-land, which led to years doing social media and community management. Except that I learned I'm happiest making things. 

During my time at the startup Foodspotting, I wrote, curated, and edited 75 dishes for The Foodspotting Field Guide (Chronicle Books, March 2014). I spent weeks eating, writing, and researching. It was lot of work but incredibly fun. So I made a a scary (but honest) decision: ok, no more desk jobs. I joined the Makeshift Society, took a watercolor class with Emily Proud and the rest is history.

I am now a practicing illustrator and artist. You'll find my work across the web, like in the Chefs+Tech Newsletter, and in print, on the pages of Edible San Francisco and Weekend Almanac. But really? I do donuts. A lot of them. (Some might call it an obsession.) My magnum opus is the Donuts of the Bay Area calendar, 2014 and 2015.

If you'd like to collaborate or hire me, please email meI like watercolor, gouache, food, and puns.

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